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Proofreading is easy with GoHunters service!

Proofreading is an essential part of every writing process. You may present the best ideas and reasons in your text, but if those ideas are drowned in numerous mistakes and omissions, your professors cannot do anything but lower your grades.
Minute proofreading is what every paper needs. Interesting ideas in combination with perfect writing is what makes a paper excellent in the eyes of your professors.

GoHunters.com helps you pay less

online proofreading services for money

The owners, creators and workers of GoHunters were also students once. We remember how it is like to save money on everything just to afford tuition, accommodation and food. Realizing that, we make our rates as low as possible. We know that many students work and cannot but use such services. We aim at helping and not robbing you blind.

Make sure or that by checking out our rates!

Neglecting proofreading is a mistake

The truth is that many students think that proofreading is not very important. They just write a paper and turn it in. Thinking that you make no mistakes and can create a flawless paper from the first time is quite ambitious. We all make mistakes, especially in writing. Misspelling a word or writing “its” instead of “it’s” is normal. What important is to correct those mistakes. They may be not crucial in grading your paper, but they can definitely ruin your professor’s impression of you.

Don’t neglect this important part of creating a paper! If you don’t like doing it or you think you are not attentive enough to find all the omissions, get online proofreading services here; we are always eager to help!

Proofreading process at GoHunters service

Proofreading process at GoHunters service

All of our proofreaders have a clear scheme of how to proofread a paper right. They know all the peculiarities and niceties of this process and use special techniques for the best results. Many people underestimate the power of proofreading, but it actually can make your paper much better.

Academic proofreading differs from a regular one a bit. To proofread an academic paper, you need to know what the school’s rules are and what professors expect from a paper there. That is why our proofreaders take every order very seriously asking students whether there are any specific requirements that their college have.  

Here are the main things that our proofreaders pay attention to when they work on a paper. We should mention, that our proofreaders may check other things as well if you specifically mention them (including bibliography check).  

professional proofreading - GoHunters    Spelling

Spelling is where students make the biggest number of mistakes. It is very easy to misprint and then not to notice a spelling mistake. Firstly, you can use a spell-checker online to eliminate the obvious mistakes. However, such programs can miss quite a lot, so checking the text yourself is a must.

If you think you are not attentive enough to see all the mistakes in your paper, get some professional proofreading from us.    

grammar check and proofreading service    Grammar

Here the situation is a bit more complicated. Computer programs cannot see the majority of grammar mistakes, so checking this aspect is totally for a person to do. A little tip is to know all the common mistakes that students and you in particular make and look specifically for those errors in your work.

If you want your paper to be grammatically flawless, our proofreading service is ready to make it that way.

Punctuation proofreading service    Punctuation

This writing aspect is what many students struggle with. Actually, not so many people see punctuation marks as something important and simply avoid using most of them. However, in a writing assignment, you have to pay attention to such things not forgetting where to put commas, semicolons, hyphen, etc.

If you think that punctuation is not your strongest side, you can get our professional proofreading services online deal with that for you.

professional proofreading services at GoHunters    Facts

Here you need to make sure that all the proper names are written correctly, all the figures are right and all the facts are plain truth. It is important that you provide the right information and don’t mix the names or dates.

Have our English proofreading online check all that for you in no time!
If you feel like your work requires any kind of proofreading check, make sure you come to us and let our painstaking workers do their job and make your work look flawless. Proofreading help at our company is what we are really proud of. We gather the best people in the sphere to work for us and help you with your papers. Order today, choose one of our great workers and see how differently your paper will look like after they work on it

Latest Feedbacks


Shinki Kudou, Japan


"I’d been learning English for a couple of years before coming to the States for studying. I was quite good, but I still wasn’t sure in my writing skills. That is why I ordered proofreading and editing services for my first papers. After some time I knew what my basic mistakes were and could fix them in my papers myself. I want to thank GoHunters for the support and for showing me my mistakes."


Rosa Curtis, US


"As a journalism student, I have to write a lot. I get writing tasks practically every day. As much as I enjoy doing them, I don’t always have the time to check them for mistakes and omissions. My goal to seek the best proofreading service was accomplished when I found Go Hunters. I often ask the guys to proofread my work when I don’t have time and they do it excellently."


Harry Hill, US


"I’m not into writing that much. I can write, but I always make tons of mistakes that lead to lower grades. School demands that you write a lot and I really try. I’m so glad that I have editing and proofreading services to turn to when I have to write something serious. GoHunters is among the best ones to my taste. They are always ready to help and explain what I did wrong. Good job, guys!"


Lincoln Daws, Australia


"I’ve always struggled with spelling and punctuation in school. And the nightmare continued in college when I found out how many written tasks there will be. Luckily for me, the proofreading prices are quite low at Go Hunters and I can allow myself use their services to correct my mistakes. Honestly, I have no idea what I would do without you guys! Thanks for the support."


Katie Gibbs, US


"I study in college, work and write a book. Sometimes I get carried away so much that I spend the whole night writing my book. I realize that there are always mistakes in such cases, but I absolutely don’t have any time to fix them. GoHunters helps me with both my homework and my book. I know half of their personnel and all of them are awesome. If you are hesitating, stop! It is a great company."

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