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    GoHunters.com has a flexible pricing system. We always think of our customers and that is why we have the best prices. What differs us from many other companies with similar services is that you can choose the editing or proofreading price yourself. You are welcomed to negotiate the payment with an editor or a proofreader and lower the price. We have a great team of proofreaders and editors who can offer you different prices to choose from.

    Our prices start with only $7.99! Going from that, you can find a suitable price for you. The great thing is that you do not have to agree with a set price and you can lower it by negotiation. The competition between our editors and proofreaders is quite big, and it can be useful for you, because none of them will want to lose a customer and will agree to lower the price. Not many sites offer this system and we are proud to be the company that does.

    The editing and proofreading services prices on our site are flexible and affordable. You can place your order right now and make sure of that. If you want to spare some time and make sure that you will get the best grade for your essay, GoHunters.com is the place for you. The best editors and proofreaders are waiting for you.

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