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Lisa is a design geek and young blogger, developing her personal style. Currently Lisa is responcible for all graphic materials on GoHunters. She discovered in herself passion to drawing and painting in early childhood and that led her to become graphic designer. Her professional interests are related to creating illustrations and developing brand image. She is happy to join such challenging project as GoHunters. Lisa loves to show her work and to share her knowledge with audience. Sign up if you want to get all Lisa’s articles’ updates!

Case Study Analysis Design

Case Study Design: Definition, Purpose and Advantages

So, what does a case study look like? In simple words, this study method is an attempt to prove this or that theoretical thesis applying it in the real life. For instance, you need to prove that tribal people adjust to changes twice slower than city people. You go to a tribe, change something in their usual way of life and describe that in a design case study. Continue reading

writing design on a paper

10 Reasons Why Writing Web Design On Paper Will Help You

Graphic designers spend so much time in front of a screen. We use laptops, computers with two or more monitors, graphic tablets, iPhones and other devices for our work. We live in the digital world where everything is done on a computer and other tools become forgotten.

Continue reading