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How does everything work on GoHunters?

GoHunters is an online freelance resource created for editors, proofreaders and students. It is the place where students are welcome to submit their orders and writers will bid on them. You can find out more about it on the site.

What differs GoHunters from the similar resources?

We offer you the following benefits:
  1. Customers offer the price themselves.
  2. Customers can discuss all the details and questions concerning their order with their writer directly.
  3. The paying system is reliable and your private data is safe with us.
  4. The variety and number of bids and orders are growing every hour.
  5. The coordination between customers and freelancers is direct.
  6. You get to pay only after the job is done and you like it.
  7. And many other benefits!

How does submission process work? Is registration needed?

The submission process will not take much of your time. You will be asked to register while submitting an order, so there is no rush to register before a submission. You do not need to worry about your personal data as it is absolutely safe with us. You shouldn’t share that information with other people, though, as there are numerous cases of fraud today. The only thing writers will see on your account is your ID, not even your name. You should write detailed description of your order, though, so that you can get exactly what you want. It is common to mention the subject, the quantity of pages, the name of the essay, the time you need it done, etc. This will help our writes to get the full picture of what your paper should look like. It is essential to give as detailed and clear descrption as possible, as in case you will require to change them later, it may result in the rejection of your order. Our section called Terms & Conditions can tell you more about it.

Do I get the chance to pick a writer for my order and how can I do so?

Yes, you are choosing the writer yourself. After the submission of your paper, there will be bids from our writers coming to you. You will probably hear from the writers asking questions about your order via live chat. When you see the appropriate bid for you assignment, you can look through the info about this author including his or her performance rate and the feedback from the people who ordered from this author. There are also some examples of writers’ work on their portfolios, so you can see their style and manner of writing. You should not be worried if the writer you like does not have a crazy performance rate. They can be new in the GoHunters team, but have a great experience in professional writing. We choose our editors and proofreaders thoroughly and each one of them is skilled enough to do a great job for you. After you choose your perfect writer, the process of working begins.

How do I know if my money is spent on something I need?

The policy of GoHunters.com states that you pay only after the job is done and you are completely satisfied with it. It means that after you transfer the payment for the order you submitted, you will not be discussing this matter with your author anymore.

What if I am not satisfied with the paper I got?

In this case, which happens rarely, you just do not agree to accept the paper and don’t make the payment (payments to authors are not refundable, as you can see in our Terms & Conditions page). You can address your writer, though, and demand to make certain changes in the paper. In case you are still not happy after that, you should cancel your order, leave a feedback on this author so that the company and our other customers know about this situation. After that, you are welcomed to choose another writer.

What happens if I do not like any of the bids?

The problem may be that you failed to mention all the required details. Check your order and maybe add some essential information. Make sure everything is clear and easy to understand. You should also think about revising your price. Discuss it with bidding authors.

How do I get my paper?

During the process of fullfilling your order, you can check its state on the order page. You are free to discuss with the writer either to get your paper in parts or after it is fully done. You can choose an option to get notifications after any file is uploaded. After you receive the paper, read it carefully and see if there are any alterations required. If there are some, you can ask the writer to make them. If there are no revisions required, you send a payment and close your order.

Can I be sure that my paper will not be full of plagiarism?

We pay a lot of attention to the plagiarism-free policy. If a writer uses even a bit of plagiarized text, his or her account will be immediately deactivated. Although, we recommend you checking your paper before you send the payment.

How do I make a payment?

You send the payment to your writer either via PayPal or personal credit card. The private data that you send us is 100% confidential and no one sees it. You make the payment by filling the electronic form on our page. Do not display your personal data to any other people to avoid problems. We can give you full guarantees of safety unless you show your data to somebody yourself.

Can I get a refund?

Sure, if you keep any money on your website account that have not yet been released to a freelancer, you can get a refund. You can read more about this process on the Terms & Conditions page.

Are my personal details and payments data seen to other GoHunters.com users?

Definitely not. Other users can get your information only if you tell them. Otherwise, no one can see it. Other GoHunters users can see only your ID number, your profile picture if you post one and your orders.

Can I become a writer on the GoHunters.com without evaluation?

Each and every writer that we work with has to prove their professionalism and show their ability to deliver quality work. You should remember that plagiarism is a taboo on GoHunters.com. If you still decide to use it, your account will be deactivated.

How do I get my payment?

You will get your payment after you deliver the order and your customer likes it. When you start working with us, you have to provide your payment information.

Can I stop working at a certain order?

There are some circumstances, which allow you to stop working with a customer. These circumstances usually include appearing of some problems that can’t be solved. In case you are partially or fully paid by this client, the money will be placed on hold for the period of investigation.

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