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  • Essay Proofreading

    Proofreading these days is a common service. Students have to follow so many rules that even A students make mistakes all the time. Proofreading itself is a kind of revision that consists of several steps. There are many online proofreading services, which offer this option. GoHunters.com gathers professional essay proofreaders online to offer the customers the best quality of work and the most appropriate prices.

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    Proofreading process normally consists of four steps (although there can be more or fewer, it depends on a paper proofreader). Our proofreaders commonly use these steps:

    1. Style guides

      There are strict rules in educational institutions concerning used styles. The common styles used in universities include APA style, Harvard style, MLA style, Turabian, Chicago style and some others. Our task at this point is to make sure that all of the rules of these styles are followed in the right way.
    2. Mechanics

      This step of proofreading includes fixing all the possible mechanic mistakes. First of all, proofreaders check the spelling. Then they look at the capitalization. Next step is the punctuation check. It is essential that a proofreader is a real professional and knows all the rules of the correct writing. Besides those things, proofreaders usually check the correct usage of abbreviations and numbers.
    3. Sentence structure

      Next step is checking if the sentences structure is right. This step usually includes a thorough check of grammar and fixing all the grammar mistakes.
    4. Regional differences

      As you know, English is a language used in many countries. That is why there are many variants of the language. The most common variants, of course, are American English and British English. There are more differences between them than you may think. It is important for a good proofreader to know all those differences. Besides that, there are many students from different countries, who can also require this check. Just for the record, GoHunters.com is the English essays proofreading website and our proofreaders are well aware of all the regional differences. Besides those basic steps, we always check papers for plagiarism, so that you will not have any problems with it.
  • Professional essay proofreader

    Many people underestimate the work of proofreaders, thinking that all they do is read papers quickly and fix some obvious mistakes. Actually, it is a much more complex job that requires special knowledge and experience. A good proofreader has to be versed in grammar, spelling and punctuation. Good proofreaders have to be conversant with all the common universities’ styles and follow their rules. And besides that, it is preferable that a proofreader is an expert in the English linguistics and knows enough to see some deep mistakes students can make.

    GoHunters.com offers you the services of only the best proofreaders. You can opt for a proofread my paper online option and get one of our great proofreaders to work with. They will proofread paper of any complexity and fix both simple mistakes such as typing errors and difficult mistakes such as style problems.

    If you are not sure in the quality of your essay, our website can provide you with the solid editing and proofreading services. Our editors and proofreaders are 100% qualified to make your paper look perfect. Our convenient online essay proofreader option is organized especially for the purposes of students who want to get the best grades. So, if you are one of them, you reached the perfect place. Try out our services and see all the professionalism that we put into it.