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The Working Process At The Disney Company

Walt Disney is one of the biggest names in the entertainment history. Everyone has seen at least one of the Disney movies and many Disney characters have become iconic. As with every big company, there are many people who do different kinds of work to keep it going. The Walt Disney Company had departments in 172 countries and a big number of employees. Working in such a massive company has always considered prestigious. They hire full-time employees as well as part-time ones, often including students. We were curious about the regular work of the company, its hiring process and typical working days. Here is what we found out.

Hiring of employees

Hiring of employees At The Disney CompanyGoing to an interview at the Disney Company, a candidate shouldn’t be afraid of any tricky questions as there won’t be any. HR specialists there are more interested in your personal qualities and previous experience. Although, you may be asked what your favorite Disney character is or why you chose Disney to work at. Often a candidate is asked to undergo a test to prove his competence. The description of the company and discussing its peculiarities will take the bigger part of the interview. It is important to let the future employees know that Disney is not just an animation, but much more than that. interview at the Disney CompanyThe process of adaptation of new employees is quite long; it may take up to a year. During this time an employee learns all about his new profession in particular and the company in general. process of adaptation At The Disney CompanyEvery new employee is given a list of the representatives of all the departments who he has to meet personally. Thus, a person gets a bigger picture of a company and the understanding where to go if there are any problems. At the first day of work, a picture of a new employee and his personal information is sent to all the departments. There is also a new profile open for him in the corporate social network.

new employee At The Disney CompanyThe working process

working process At The Disney CompanyThe main principle for Disney employees is to love what you do and to have fun at your work. The working atmosphere is always positive and encouraging. There is no strict dress-code and everyone is friendly to each other. Most of the offices work 24/7 so that the employees can come any time and finish some work.

new employee At The Disney Company1At the end of every year there is a big conference where every department reports what has been done, what results have been achieved and how successful the year was. Although the conference has quite a serious purpose, it usually has a very positive and fun atmosphere. The reports don’t have to be boring; employees are welcome to film a fun video report or to make a presentation.

big conference At The Disney Company“There are no bad ideas”, – they say in the company. That is why any considerations can be easily suggested, even if this is not connected to an employee’s duties. For those, who have ideas, but don’t want to share them publically, there is a special box for suggestions and wishes.

Every member of the Disney team can ask for help any other colleague from any office in the world. They can use either an electronic directory or international corporate social network. Often there are general brain-storming meetings when one employee sends everyone an e-mail asking to think of a book name, for example, and everyone shares their ideas.

Disney teamEvery specialist at the Disney Company watches movies and cartoons of the company and knows all the main Disney and Marvel characters. This is considered to be the rules of good form. In the marketing department there is a library of movies and everyone can take a DVD home. If someone from the Disney specialists wants to try working for some other department, he can always apply for a vacant place.

Walt Disney Company is a huge organizationAlthough the Walt Disney Company is a huge organization, it is well known for its care and great attitude towards its employees. That is why many people desire to work for this company so much. And who doesn’t want to work for the company who once produced their favorite cartoon character?

pecialist at the Disney Company

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