Useful Google Docs Options That Make The Work Easie

Useful Google Docs Options That Make The Work Easy

Many people think that Google Docs exists only for typesetting and making notes. However, this app has a big number of useful options that can help you with creating and editing documents fast and easy. The following are some options that you can definitely use.

1. Share your documents with others

Google Docs gives you all that you need for a shared work with documents. You can easily share a text with your friends, family or colleagues. Besides, you can choose what rights a certain user has: edit, comment or only view. When a person makes some changes in a document, you see them in the real time. Thus, you can literary work on the document together at the same time. You can share a document by clicking a button “Share” in the upper right.

Useful Google Docs Options That Make The Work Easie2.   Publish your documents

When the document is ready, you can not only show it to your circles, but also publish it in the web. To do that you need to click on “File” – “Publish to the web”. In this way, a new web page with your document appears and everyone who has its URL can see it no matter what link-sharing options there are.

Publish your documents3.   Check the spelling

Looking for spelling mistakes is very easy in Google Docs. Just choose the option “Spelling” in the “Tools” section and you will see a small box that shows every spelling error one by one and offers the correct versions.

Check the spelling Google Docs4.  Insert links

Google Docs has a comfortable option of inserting links. You only need to highlight a word or a phrase and click on the links-inserting button and you will see a small window. In this window, you can either insert your own link or choose one from the suggested ones. Usually, the program suggests articles form Wikipedia or several first links from the Google search on this word or phrase.

Insert links Google Docs 5.  Use your styles

If you don’t like the style of the text, you can choose some other ones. To do that, you just type the text and then choose a style that you like in the “Styles” section.

Use your styles Google Docs6. Personal dictionary

If the program always highlights the word as a spelling mistake, but you know for sure that it’s a correct word, you can add this word to your personal dictionary. Highlight the word and choose the option “Add to a personal dictionary” in the contextual menu.

Personal dictionary Google Docs

7.  Web Clipboard

Google Docs offers a very interesting option, which is called “Web clipboard”. This option allows copying several text fragments, pictures or tables at the same time and then pasting them in any Google Document. Thus, you get a clipboard that holds not one, but many copied fragments all at once. You can add a fragment to this clipboard by highlighting it and adding to “Web Clipboard” in the “Edit” section.

Web Clipboards Google Docs 8.  Research option

A research option in Google Docs opens a special sidebar that allows you searching different information while you are working on your coursework. To open this sidebar, you need to highlight a word or a phrase and choose “Research” in the “Tools” section. Alternatively, you can press Ctrl + Alt + Shift + I.

Research options Google Docs9.  Add-ons

You can expand Google Docs functionality by choosing some add-ons. There are different add-ons from Google as well as from other developers. Usually they help to add new styles, formats and other features. There are business, education, productivity, social and communication add-ons.

Add-ons Google Docs10. Insert pictures just by dragging them to the document

Not everyone knows, but in Google Docs, you can insert pictures just by dragging them from your desktop or file manager. If you need to insert a picture from another web page, just drag and drop it to some place in the text and it will appear there automatically.

 11. Translate documents

If you work with the document that is written in another language, Google Docs offers you a translator. It is situated in the Tools – Translate document.

Translate documents Google Docs    12. Full screen

Many people like text editors that contain minimum distractive elements and take the whole screen space. It helps to work more productively and focus on the text only. You can activate a full screen version by clicking on the “View” section and deselecting the option “Show ruler”. After that, you can choose “Compact controls” or “Full screen”.

 13. Use the gallery of templates

Don’t forget that Google Docs has a great gallery of templates available. You can check them out on this page. The template can be very useful in many occasions. If you need to write a resume, a press release, an invoice, a newsletter, a recipe, student report or other papers, you can find suitable templates for it.

 14. Use bookmarks

Sometimes we need to provide a link not to the whole document, which can be quite big, but to a certain text fragment. In such cases, we can use bookmarks. Click on the required place in the text and then choose an option “Bookmark” in the “Insert” section.

Use bookmarks Google Docs

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