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The Reason Students Work Harder Today

It is not a secret that higher education requires money, and quite a lot of money. Apart from paying for education itself, students and their parents need to pay for accommodation whether it is a dorm or an apartment, college books and medical care. Over the last 30 years, costs of those things have grown drastically making parents save more and students work harder during college years.

Price IncreasesTextbooks, accommodation and medical care have definitely become more expensive in 30 years, but college tuition has broken all the record rising by 553% since 1984. Here is a very vivid calculation to see how big this rise is. In 2013, an average cost of one year at an average private college was around $30 000. If the 553% growth continues, in another thirty years student will have to pay about $197 000.

Public tuition also doesn’t stand still. If it keeps going up with the same tempo, it would rise from $9 000 now to $ 58 000 in thirty years.

Higher education costs and their rapid rise scare many students along with their parents these days. College students have to work harder and take much bigger loans than their parents used to. And school children today can have mixed feelings waiting for their best and most fun time of life as well as being terrified by the cost of tuition.

The cost of higher education in the countries of the European Union is also quite big. But it depends on a country and the level of university. In some countries it is more expensive including the United Kingdom, Lithuania, Holland, etc. And in some countries such as Poland, Czech Republic, Austria, etc. education can be either quite cheap or free.

Cost of a year of undergraduate study in the EUWhile college tuition keeps growing every year, higher education is still in the same level of demand among young people. Everyone wants to be well-educated and smart to have a great future. Let’s just hope that these numbers won’t grow with the same speed they’ve grown so far.


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