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It’s Here: Editing and Proofreading Will Make Your Novel Brilliant

Many beginning writers think that creating a novel ends when they write the last sentence. Well, actually, with the last sentence begins a new era – the era of proofreading and editing. Underestimating this part of a process is a serious mistake that can have unpleasant consequences. Firstly, your book can simply be rejected for publishing as the publisher will see right away whether you checked your work for mistakes or not. Secondly, your readers can notice your mistakes and just stop taking your novel seriously. And thirdly, your reputation can be ruined and you would regret not doing at least basic proofreading vs editing. Continue reading

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True facts about the proofreading career

The common belief these days is that editing and proofreading can be done practically by anyone who wants to earn some extra cash. People think that any well-read person who can spell right can build a career of a proofreader. Actually, it takes a bit more than that. In case you feel like proofreading is your thing, here are some words of wisdom for you. Continue reading