how to outline a novel

Drafting Challenge: How to Outline a Novel Properly

Outlining a novel is an important process for many authors. An outline is kind of an individual thing and can come in practically any shape and form. Basically, outlining means creating a plan for your future book. It can be a short step-by-step plan, or a detailed piece with description of all the major events and characters. Many starting writers wonder, how to outline a novel. There has been some great posts written by experienced authors; some offer their steps for outlining novels and some suggest useful programs for that. We will also try to cast some light on this important process and suggest you some ideas and practical tips.     Continue reading

writing fantasy novel

Consider your genre: How to Write Outstanding Fantasy Novel

Sooo, today we’re writing fantasy. If you are reading this post, you are probably interested in how to write a fantasy novel. We’ll try to figure it out and make it clear to you. The ultimate advice would be to read as much good fantasy as you can find. If you are a bit confused about the genre specifics, read some theory as well. In our previous post we’ve discussed the difference between fantasy and sci-fi, so, if is not totally clear to you, go ahead and read about it. But now let’s come to the actual fantasy writing tips that can help you with your piece.        Continue reading

writing a horror story

Consider your genre: How to Write Thrilling Horror Novel

Everything started thousands of years ago in some dark and sooty cage, where an ancient tale-teller was telling something to his tribe the crackling of burning wood. He was describing fierce monsters, wrathful gods, black magic and dangerous worlds. This was the beginning the horror stories’ history. Now we are civilized people. We know that the mood doesn’t eat the sun and we don’t throw virgins to a volcano to keep it sleeping. Nevertheless, we still love scary stories. For the last twenty years there have been published more horror novels than in the whole time before that. Continue reading

how to write a mystery novel

Consider your genre: How to Write Stunning Mystery Novel

Creating a great mystery novel is a big job. There are so many things to think through, so many details to consider and so many researches to make. If you wonder how to write a mystery novel, get a cup of tea and keep reading, as we have some basic, but very helpful things for you to get into. Some of the tips may seem quite obvious, but without paying attention to all of them, you can barely create a decent mystery story.
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writing science fiction novel

Consider your genre: How to Write Superior Science Fiction Novel

Everyone has probably read at least one good science fiction novel in their life. Many beginning authors wonder how to write science fiction. Firstly, you need to know exactly what it is. Since the beginning of this genre, it has become more complicated and more popular. Writing science fiction can be quite difficult, but if you pay attention to certain matters, you’ll be more than ready to do so. Continue reading


11 Practical Advices for Plotting a Novel

Are you a beginning writer and enthusiastic reader? If yes, then you are in the right place, as today we will talk about how to plot a novel. We should all agree that it is not a walk in the park, especially if you plan to create a big and complex novel. However, there are some basic practical tips that would be suitable for different kinds of novels. Are you ready to read and learn? Here we go. Continue reading

Proofreading featured imae

It’s Here: Editing and Proofreading Will Make Your Novel Brilliant

Many beginning writers think that creating a novel ends when they write the last sentence. Well, actually, with the last sentence begins a new era – the era of proofreading and editing. Underestimating this part of a process is a serious mistake that can have unpleasant consequences. Firstly, your book can simply be rejected for publishing as the publisher will see right away whether you checked your work for mistakes or not. Secondly, your readers can notice your mistakes and just stop taking your novel seriously. And thirdly, your reputation can be ruined and you would regret not doing at least basic proofreading vs editing. Continue reading

Gadgets and studying

How not to get distracted by gadgets while studying

When you are a student, you have many tasks, assignments and responsibilities. You need to go to this important seminar, make that case study anaysis, prepare for tomorrow’s test and finish that clever book. However, the distractions wait for us on every corner. Gadgets are today’s biggest distraction for every student. We have smartphones, tablets, laptops, e-books, i-pods and many other things to procrastinate with. If you feel like this problem concerns you, too, here are some tips that can help you. Continue reading

Work hard dream big

The Reason Students Work Harder Today

It is not a secret that higher education requires money, and quite a lot of money. Apart from paying for education itself, students and their parents need to pay for accommodation whether it is a dorm or an apartment, college books and medical care. Over the last 30 years, costs of those things have grown drastically making parents save more and students work harder during college years. Continue reading

Application Essay Helpful Tips

Application Essay: Helpful Tips

Gathering all the documents for university is the thing that every student should take very seriously. College application essay is a massive piece of those papers. This written work showcases your strength in formulating thoughts and presenting yourself in the cleverest way. College application essays usually consist of the peculiarities about an applicant that doesn’t fit any other given documents. Continue reading