The greatest college fears Infographic

Infographic: The greatest college fears

Going to college is exciting and at the same time terrifying. It’s like starting a new life, where you don’t know anyone and have no idea what to do. There are some common fears that freshmen usually share. Let’s have a look at them.

The greatest college fears Infographic

  1.    I feel dumb

It’s okay to have a fear of all the possible knowledge, tasks, labs, assignments, books, etc. that will fall upon you in college. Even straight A students from the greatest public schools suffer from this fear. The first things you need is to become disciplined, manage your time wisely and get to know your professors. Here are some tips:

  •         Follow a syllabus.
  •         Learn to scan your big assignments and read the most important parts of it not to waste time.
  •         If you take a class early in the morning, make sure you really like it, so that you don’t sleep during it.
  1.    I’ll have a terrible roommate

This is one of the reasonable college fears, as you’ll have to live with this person or people for the next several years and if you don’t like each other, it can be a problem. Very often roommates can end up being the best friends for life. You need to learn to respect your roommate and compromise. If you both do, you’ll most likely get along. The following are some tips for you:

  •         In case your roommate threatens you in any way or is abusive, you can ask the RA to change your room.
  •         Try not to bring your dates while your roommate is in. It is a bit rude.
  •         You are not your roommate’s mom; don’t wake him/her up in the morning and let him or her learn some self-discipline.
  1.    Is sex everywhere?

Many students fear that college is all about sex. The truth is that it is indeed quite a big part of college life whether you participate in it or not. You just have to accept the thought that it is there and get used to it. Some tips for you:

  •         You don’t have to do it just because all the others do;
  •         Not having sex in college is not an anomaly.
  1.    Do I have any money left?

Students’ first so-to-say financial freedom is not a piece of cake. You have to spend money on unusual things such as tuition and your wallet can become too slim. This is a real issue to fear. Here are some tips:

  •         Get a job. There are tons of options for working from home and studying at the same time.
  •         Buy second-hand books, don’t go to fancy restaurants and night clubs.
  •         Leave your car at home – it will spare you many bills.
  1.    Is there anybody here?

There is also a common fear today of remaining alone on campus while watching other students’ family-and-food Instagram pages. Yes, it is a real fear!

  1.    Using your home slang.

This is one of the college freshmen fears of students from other countries or far states. This is the fear of saying something that is cool in your country/state, but completely unknown among your new friends. Try not to pay much attention to it, though. And don’t be ashamed of the place you come from.

  1.    Tons of paperwork!

Yes, you’ll be less relaxed in college than you were at school. And one of the reasons for it is a big amount of paper work. As with the studying in general, you just need to be more disciplined and manage your time wisely. The essential thing is to do everything in the right time.

  1.    The fear of speaking in public

This is a common fear that not only students have. However, becoming a student, you just have to have public speeches, whether it’s a debate, reading your essay or presenting your report. Defeating a fear of public speech is what many students have to face, so it’s better to think of the best ways to do this before you entering a college.

  1.    Tummy Rumbles

When you sit in a silent lecture room and hear your stomach going wild – it can make anybody feel quite uncomfortable. It’s a good thing if your professor speaks loudly or there is a discussion of some topic. But if you are writing something and it’s possible to hear a watch ticking, your tummy rumbles will most likely be heard as well. Here are some tips for these situations.

  •         Never skip your breakfast.
  •         If you have a class very early in the morning and you cannot eat a full breakfast, eat at least some snacks or drink a lot of water.
  •         Take a bottle of water with you; it can trick your stomach for some time.
  1.  Forgetting your calculator for Math classes

Attending Math classes without a calculator can be a disaster. Surely, you are smart if you take this class, but you still need it for difficult calculations. Many students are terrified when they don’t have it with them. Here are some tips for it.

  •         Don’t take it out of your bag. If you need it to do your homework, take it out, make required calculations and put it back.
  •         Download an app to your mobile phone. Many smartphones do have this app from the beginning. If yours doesn’t download it and forget about this fear. Students can often forget to bring their calculators, but bringing their phones is a must.
  1.  Fear that all the material you learn won’t be useful to you after the exams.

This one is actually very reasonable, as often it happens exactly like this. Many students don’t use the acquired knowledge in their future job or work in completely different sphere. However if you are passionate about what you learn and you are definitely going to do this in the future, this fear maybe not about you at all.

  1.  Am I going to make any friends?

Most of the students fear not to make new friends who would be as great as their old ones. Even the students who were popular at school and had tons of friends face this fear. No one knows your story and how popular you were at school. Here is something to know about this situation.

  •         Orientation is a great place to meet new friends, so don’t skip it.
  •         Joining a sorority is not the only way to make friends.
  •         Your new friends don’t have to be the copies of your old friends; be open to make friends with everyone.

Written by Lisa Orto
Lisa is a design geek and young blogger, developing her personal style. Currently Lisa is responcible for all graphic materials on GoHunters. She discovered in herself passion to drawing and painting in early childhood and that led her to become graphic designer. Her professional interests are related to creating illustrations and developing brand image. She is happy to join such challenging project as GoHunters. Lisa loves to show her work and to share her knowledge with audience. Sign up if you want to get all Lisa’s articles’ updates!

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