The Most Influential Kids and Teenagers of 2014

The Most Influential Kids and Teenagers of 2014

All the students at some point start wondering what career is ahead of them. Some of them know that since they are little kids, and some choose their careers when they graduate from college. There some kids in that are quite determined about their future. 2014 was a great year for talented kids and teenagers eager to change the world. They were fighting with gender prejudices, they were looking for their own voice and style, and they were suffering from rough criticism but did not lose their hope in succeeding. In this post, we will tell you about models, writers, transgender people, scientists, sportsmen, actors, chefs – everyone, who changed the world of their peers in 2014.

Kristina Pimenova

9 years old, model

Kristina PimenovaAlthough, models are starting to lose their popularity to actors and actresses, the world still seeks for the perfect looks. In 2014 social media and the public agreed that a 9 year old Russian model Kristina Pimenova was the most beautiful girl in the world. Her mom was also a model before, so she always knows how to present her daughter in the right way in social networks. And that works quite right; her account on Instagram has half of a million of followers, and her Facebook page has 2,5 millions of friends.

Tavi Gevinson

18 years old, blogger, journalist and acctress

Tavi GevinsonWhen she was 11, Tavi started her blog and, as a true teenager-nonconformist, began looking for her place in the world, experimenting with her style both in writing and in fashion. Her blog Rookie turned into an actual online journal with 3,5 million unique visitors per month. In her blog, she mostly writes about her life and about pop culture. Now she also performs in the Broadway play «This Is Our Youth» with Michael Cera. In the future, she plans to continue her education and enter a college. But we’ll see, maybe the world of acting, writing and modeling will become too tempting for her.

Jazz Jennings

14 years old, transgender

Jazz Jennings2014 was a big year for transgender society, which decided to speak louder and to let the world know that transgender people exist and they are like everyone else. The hardest it is for transgender kids and teenagers. That is why Jazz Jennings played such an important role in their lives. Jazz Jennings was born as a boy, but has felt like a girl since 2 years old. Jazz became a co-writer of the book “I Am Jazz” for kids of 4-8 years. Jazz says that this book is above all for transgender kids who fight themselves and society. She encourages them to stop being afraid, to accept who they are and to live like normal people.

Sasha and Malia Obama

13 and 16 years old, daughters of the USA president

Sasha and Malia ObamaChildren of famous always attract people’s attention and the American president is not the exception. Barack Obama jokes that the information whether his daughters date anyone is under wraps. Moreover, the recent scandal with their indirect participation showed what reputational risks there are for those who decide to criticize the girls’ looks or behavior.  A Republican Party member, Elizabeth Lauten, had to quit her job after criticizing Sasha and Malia. She suggested them to behave more decent and to dress like they are in the White House and not in some bar. Meanwhile, Malia Obama caused a furor appearing at the Lollapalooza festival and Sasha became a fashion icon.

Emer Hickey, Ciara Judge and Sophie Healey

17, 16 and 17 years, school students and scientists

Emer Hickey, Ciara Judge and Sophie HealeyThree classmates from Ireland won Google Science Fair in 2014. Their project that amazed the judges can theoretically solve the problem of the global food crisis: they discovered that you can make certain crops more prolific and increase the crop capacity with the help of diazatroph bacteria. After the 11 months of researches, it turned out that these bacteria can shorten the time of barley and oats germination by 50%.

Mo’ne Davis

13 years old, baseball player

Mo’ne Davis13 year old Davis throws a ball at a speed of 68 miles/hour. American women don’t play baseball very actively, and Mo’ne Davis can really become this role model that can change that and make the history. Afro-American sportswomen do not appear on the covers of Sports Illustrated very often, but Davis successfully did. She participated in the Little League World Series where showed amazing results. She became very popular in the sports world since then.

Kiernan Shipka

15 years old, actress

Kiernan ShipkaThe public first met Kiernan Shipka in 2007 when she played Sally in the Mad Men series. Numerous TV critics noticed her great performance and incredible progress season by season. Although Shipka has a temporary role at first, but everyone liked her so much so that she stayed in the show for a long time. She already got a couple or rewards and now she is considered one of the most promising young actresses in Hollywood. And it is just the beginning

Flynn McGarry

16 years old, chef

Flynn McGarryAccording to his relatives, Flynn started cooking for the whole family when he was 11 years old because he didn’t like how his mother cooked. Now his mom calls herself his dish-washer, and Flynn, who turned 16 in November, cooks not only for his family, but for the visitors of the restaurant where he works as a chef.  His cooking style is called the “progressive American cuisine”, which actually means that he loves experimenting, but doesn’t go too far from the traditional meals. He works a lot, participates in a TV show and dreams of opening the best restaurant in the world. Now he is the most popular chef who cannot drink alcohol for 5 years.

Joshua Wong

18 years old, activist

Joshua WongPeople got to know this awkward teenager in big glasses after it turned out that he was the leader of the series of protests that demanded the limitation of the China’s influence on Hong Kong. Hong Kong is considered to be more progressive and independent than the rest of China, that is why many students came on the streets under the Wong’s guidance. In China he is considered a troublemaker and extremist, but he doesn’t mind as long as he does something to protect his rights.


18 years old, Singer

LordeA New Zealand’s singer Lorde turned 18 not so long ago introducing her clip for the «Yellow Flicker Beat» which became a soundtrack to “The Hunger Games”. In the beginning of 2014 she got two Grammy Awards for her “Royals”. And then her debut album “Pure Heroine” became platinum. Apart from that, Lorde became a role model for those who are against the excessive use of Photoshop and who love themselves the way they are.

Malala Yousafzai

17 years old, activist

Malala YousafzaiAfter surviving a Taliban group attack, criticism from her compatriots and the lack of faith in her strength, Malala Yousafzai turned from a small Pakistani girl-activist into a Nobel Prize laureate. She helps women in Pakistan to get education, saves Syrian refugee kids and still obeys to her parents and mentors. She partially lost her hearing but she never regretted fighting violence with words.

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