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This Map Shows How Educational Attainment Correlates With Gun Crimes

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” Nelson Mandela

There have been many thoughts implying that the more educated the people are, the less violence and assault comes from them. We have decided to check whether there are indeed any correlations between educational attainment and gun crimes.

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Our results are based on the data from 2014 comparing the number of deaths caused by firearms and the level of educational attainment in different American states. The data was taken from the trustful sources including FBI and Census.

Easily put, what we did was to compare the connection between the percentage of educated people (at least high school) and the number of deaths from firearms per 100 000 of the population. We carried out the correlation analysis based on different indicators comparing the percent of educated people with the number of murder firearms, robberies and assault and all the crimes involving firearms.

The analysis revealed that the connection is moderate. Here are the coefficients of correlation:

  • murders: -0,56988
  • robberies: -0,5839
  • assaults: -0,43064
  • all crimes involving firearms: -0,54588

The coefficients of correlation show how strong the connection between the analyzable indicators is. If the coefficient is more than 0,5 (both plus and minus), the correlation is considered moderate. If it is more than 0,8, it is seen as strong.

Based on the research results, it is possible to conclude that murder firearms and robbery firearms do correlate with a state’s educational attainment; the statistical analysis reveals the moderate connection between the educational attainment and murder and robbery firearms. Meanwhile, the relationship between the educational attainment and assault firearms is considerably weaker.

Although we cannot say that the crime rate directly depends on educational attainment, there are definitely some connections. It means that if we improve that rate in all the states, there are chances we have fewer crimes on the streets.

Of course, the number of crimes and murders can be influenced by many factors including the poverty rates, gun laws, the quality of police work, etc. It is peculiar to know, though, that the level of education also has something to do with it. Engaging people in studying, acquiring new skills and using all that to earn money in the future can lower the number of people trying to steal, assault and murder. So, go ahead and start with yourself!

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