Case Study Analysis Design

Case Study Design: Definition, Purpose and Advantages

So, what does a case study look like? In simple words, this study method is an attempt to prove this or that theoretical thesis applying it in the real life. For instance, you need to prove that tribal people adjust to changes twice slower than city people. You go to a tribe, change something in their usual way of life and describe that in a design case study.

What is it actually?

To be more precise, case study is a thorough study of a certain event, situation or occasion rather than typical statistical description. It is used to make broad conclusions based on a very particular and simply researchable theme.  

If it doesn’t give an actual solvation to the problem, it at least offers some pushes to further investigations and to following researches and hypothesis.  

Design case studies are as well good for seeing if different theories and hypothesis are

acceptable for real life situations. You can think of a brilliant computer-designed concept of making African soil more fertile, but you cannot say it’s working until you actually try it in real life.

This method can be approachable to different college disciplines, but it is most often used by social science students, psychologists, biologists, chemists and anthropologists.

Pros and cons of  case study design

Some people don’t appreciate case study research design because they think the results of one narrow study are not enough to prove the whole thing. Other people say that such kind of scientific work offers much more realistic results than all the theoretical researches.  

As often, the truth is most likely somewhere in between. And as always, the best way here is to find the golden mean taking the best from both opinions. So, you should indeed proceed with case studies, but try to generalize them a bit more so that the conclusions are topically wider.   

For instance, statistical researches can find out the approximate time people spend on their mobile phones. Case study, though, can show why it is like that by testing a certain group of people.  

One more good thing about this kind of scientific paper is its flexibility. While scientists working with statistics have quite a narrow choice of results (they either prove the point or not), those, who work with case studies may encounter unexpected circumstances while testing their hypothesis in real life.

And another one positive point is that it is just more fun. What would you prefer reading or listening to – a long statistical survey saying how many insects tend not to survive winter or the results of a case study telling about the experience of living with a far tribe? Surely, the second one will be much more interesting for people to comprehend.

How to design a case study

A great thing about doing this kind of paper is that you can choose a very interesting case and have fun working on it. Imagine picking some theoretical thesis and either proving it or telling everyone it is not accurate.

The main thing of this scientific work is to choose the subject and make sure it is relevant. You will need to take a look at some smaller practical questions but to prove some bigger points.

For instance, the statistics may say that the population of brown bears is decreasing in the whole world. If you choose a case study researching this matter in 1-2 countries, it will help you determine natural and social reasons for that.

If you need help with writing a case study analysis paper, the main tip would be to make it as concise and relevant as possible. This particular type of study has much fewer rules and formatting regulations than some other kinds of papers. Make sure you collect the right kind of information from the very start.

Remember to be as objective as you can. You are an experimenter and investigator here, you should be impartial. Apart from that, try to sort out several key points in your work so that you have a plan of actions.  

Results and conclusions

In this type of paper, analyzing results and making a conclusion is more opinion-based comparing to other scientific works. You need to deliver a smart and concise narrative around your whole work.  

Case study can be presented in a very interesting way, with different examples and particular stories. Some statistic data is also important, though. It is still a scientific piece, remember that.

If you write your work to be read by a wide audience, remember that not every reader may have a deep knowledge of this subject and your topic in particular. If you can, make it more accessible and understandable.

And the last thing, remember once again that this kind of work is opinion based. And every interesting opinion based study should lead to debates. Make sure they are reasoned, though.

Written by Lisa Orto
Lisa is a design geek and young blogger, developing her personal style. Currently Lisa is responcible for all graphic materials on GoHunters. She discovered in herself passion to drawing and painting in early childhood and that led her to become graphic designer. Her professional interests are related to creating illustrations and developing brand image. She is happy to join such challenging project as GoHunters. Lisa loves to show her work and to share her knowledge with audience. Sign up if you want to get all Lisa’s articles’ updates!

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