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developing content strategy

How To Develop Outstanding Content Strategy – Imagine It’s a Coursework!

Content is a special glue of marketing. It can connect different fragments into a single unit and thus, transform and increase the influence of brand. People, who know how to build a content marketing strategy, can increase brand awareness, build a long-lasting communication, increase audience’s involvement, gain people’s trust and boost sales. Continue reading

Working with freelancers

What Everybody Ought to Know About Working With Freelancers

Freelance is a very popular way of work today. There are more and more freelancers out there these days; and more and more people start using their services every year. There is no surprise in that, actually, as hiring a freelancer offers you many great advantages. First of all, it is cheaper to get a freelancer than hiring an employee. Continue reading

The Disney Company

The Working Process At The Disney Company

Walt Disney is one of the biggest names in the entertainment history. Everyone has seen at least one of the Disney movies and many Disney characters have become iconic. As with every big company, there are many people who do different kinds of work to keep it going. The Walt Disney Company had departments in 172 countries and a big number of employees. Working in such a massive company has always considered prestigious. Continue reading

proofreading career

True facts about the proofreading career

The common belief these days is that editing and proofreading can be done practically by anyone who wants to earn some extra cash. People think that any well-read person who can spell right can build a career of a proofreader. Actually, it takes a bit more than that. In case you feel like proofreading is your thing, here are some words of wisdom for you. Continue reading