Best Sites to Download E-books

Best Sites to Download E-books

The common practice shows that searching for a good site to download an e-book takes much more time than actually downloading it. That is why we gathered a list of websites where you can get all types of books in different languages without having to register, send text messages or go through other time taking actions.

Books in English

“Neither you nor I speak English, but there are some things that can be said only in English” (Aravind Adiga)

English is one of the most wide spread languages in the world and is one of the national languages in many countries. It brings us closer and allows people from different countries and cultures communicate. A big part of the greatest classic literature was written in English and new great books are being published every day. Thus, here are some places you can find great old and new books in English:


 Books in Polish

Polish spelling is a hundred times easier than the ones of the other world languages! Even the grammar here is not that difficult. (Jan Miodek)

A lot of people today learn Polish language as the country is developing every year and welcomes more and more tourists, exchange students and workers to see and experience great Polish culture. For those who know or just learn Polish language, here are some useful sites with free books:


 To be continued…

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