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6 Best Services For Studying Online

If you don’t like boring lectures, if you are too busy to get up in the morning and to go to classes, if you already graduated but want to learn something new, here is a quick review of the best online services for studying.

1. Coursera

CourseraThis site offers its users hundreds of free online courses on different subjects. If you successfully finish any of these courses, you get a legit certificate. Coursera works with the universities from different countries that allow the service to upload some of their lectures for users to see online. There are free courses, however, people who want to get a certificate with personal verification can use some paid options. During a course, students need to watch video-lectures that are sent to them every week, to read recommended articles and do some homework. Some courses have different subtitles.

2. Khan Academy

Khan AcademyThis company was created in 2006. Its aim is to provide quality education to everyone everywhere. You can find several thousands of free micro-lectures on math, physics, chemistry, history, finance, biology, arts, computer sciences, etc. All the courses are divided into classes which can be seen no matter what course you picked. The project is financed by different donations.

3. Udacity

UdacityMost of the Udacity courses are technical sciences. Every course has several lessons containing short videos. At the end of each lesson there is a test to see how well you understood the material. On average, one course takes no more than two months. You should spend approximately 6 hours per week to study.

4. edX

edXThis is a joint project of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Harvard University. The number of the famous universities that participate in this project is really impressive. More than 200 universities from all over the world expressed their desire to be a part of edX and to provide the educational material. Courses are free to use, but if you want a certificate, you will have to spend some money.

5. iTunes U

iTunes UThis platform is created for the Apple users. The list of offered disciplines is very long as well as the list of educational institutions that offer their lectures. Often there goes some additional material along with a lecture where you can find explanations to some parts of a lecture or examples to it.

6. Udemy

UdemyHere you can find different courses including productivity, lifestyle or even music courses. There are both free and paid options. Learning material in presented in videos, audio pieces, presentations and texts. Udemy also offers different organizations to create their own educational projects for corporate education.

Written by William Sarto
Marketing fan and passionate experimentator. After finishing Philadelphia University it was pretty obvious for him to start working as a marketer for the private consulting agency. Local internet marketing was not a challenge and then he decided to find a job where he can improve his skills and discover new opportunities for professional growth. He is working as a content strategist and blog writer at now. If you are interested in the “pros and cons” of freelancing and marketing, and want to get some great fresh guides on these topics you'll be satisfied following his blog!

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