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10 Reasons Why Writing Web Design On Paper Will Help You

Graphic designers spend so much time in front of a screen. We use laptops, computers with two or more monitors, graphic tablets, iPhones and other devices for our work. We live in the digital world where everything is done on a computer and other tools become forgotten.

When was the last time you wrote or draw something on a piece of paper? Many people think that it is a pointless and ineffective thing to do. However, thousands of graphic designers all over the world always sketch the design of their projects before making it digital. Why would they do it if it was so pointless and ineffective? If you are a graphic designer and you have never tried a pen and paper for work, you may find the reasons for trying in this post. If you are a graphic designer and you do sketch before using a computer, this post can remind you of the reasons you do it.

Read on to see ten advantages of creating web design on paper first.

Sketching fights your designer’s block

Writing something on a piece of paper is easier than creating design on a computer. You just sit and let your imagination do the job. It is great if you sketch while doing something else: watching a movie, listening to music, etc. When you are distracted like this, your subconscious can step in and create something unexpected and something that you would never create concentrating on your computer drawing. Have you ever talked on a phone and draw something meaningless meanwhile? Well, often these drawings can give you some ideas for your designs; so pay attention.

It is time-tested

Sometimes it is nice to feel like your ancestors and to use good old tools for drawing. Modern technologies are of course terrific and all, but using the old methods that have never failed you before is also a nice practice. Remember that this is where creativity started and developed for many centuries. Let’s honor it.

It is more accessible

mock up in a notebook

Source: http://www.gunvor.no/2012/07/webage-sketches/

When you get a creative idea, say, on a train, at a café or at some other place, it is much easier to draw it in your notebook than to carry a laptop everywhere with you. The key is to do it as often as you can. You can sketch while you wait for your turn in a coffee shop or a grocery store. The situations when you have to wait are actually the best for creating designs. If you have to wait for a train or your friend is late for a meeting, these are the best opportunities to sketch. And it doesn’t always have to be the material you need to create for a certain project. Draw everything that you see around; maybe some of it will help you create a perfect design later.

Chaos can be helpful

mock up on paper

Source: http://designmodo.com/web-mobile-wireframe-sketches/

You don’t always have to keep yourself in certain bounds; make sure you exceed the limits from time to time. With a simple pen and a piece of paper you can forget about all the margins, spaces and other boundaries that can slow you down sometimes. Give yourself a break and simply create a design with no rules. It doesn’t mean you will use all of it for your final layout, but it can help you to come up with bright ideas a lot.

It saves time

If you are a web designer, you probably know how much time it takes to actually start working on a design. Sketching on a piece of paper and then modifying it will take much less time than doing it with the help of Photoshop or other programs. And time is valued a lot in the world of design. For example, after a long briefing with your client, you need to quickly put all of your designing ideas somewhere so that you won’t forget anything. The best thing to do is to put them on a piece of paper; it will save you a lot of time.

It may win a client over

This may work not for everyone. However, if you see that your client or potential client appreciates friendly and informal approach, you can come to a first meeting with written sketches instead of printed material. Be careful here, though. Not every client will appreciate this kind of creativity. Some people may see it as laziness and unpreparedness.

It saves a lot of energy

Paper sketch for iphone UI design

Source: https://www.smashingmagazine.com/2014/03/building-clickthrough-prototypes-to-support-participatory-design/

Imagine you just got assigned with designing a web site. You are given all the information, all the preferences and all the instructions. Many web designers would go to Photoshop from here. However, this may be the wrong move. There are so many pieces of information you have to consider at this point. You need to think through the contact page, the home page, the product page; you may need to add a slide and a smart call to action leading to one of those pages. Photoshop and similar programs may be useless here until you have a detailed plan of the whole thing. Using computer software for it will take much more time and energy as you will most likely have to redo the whole thing. First drafts are very seldom good to go; you usually have to make alterations and add different features along working on it. It is much better to do everything right from the first time, isn’t it?

It awakens your creativity

Have you heard about stream of consciousness? It is a very popular technique that writers and artists used to create their masterpieces in the 20th century. The key was to free your mind and let it create your work for you on a piece of paper. Sometimes it leads you to nothing, but sometimes it can bring you to mesmerizing results. So just try to let go and to let your imagination do your job.

It is great for artists

If your web designing includes not only arranging websites and picking content for it, but creating images as well, sketching is probably inevitable. Drawing illustrations, creating logos, coming up with different pictures is all easily done on paper. Drawing on a piece of paper is definitely more artistic and creative than using a laptop for it.

It is easier to make notes and alterations on paper

sketch of the vimeo profile

Source: http://designbeep.com/2012/05/17/33-great-examples-of-web-design-sketches/

Imagine you have created a draft of your project. And you think something is missing. You come to your friend or colleague for advice. It is much easier to have a sketch where your friend or you can make notes than to show him your laptop and hear out these notes. You can always erase something, draw over and make notes for yourself.

You see that using a pen and paper can be not only a nostalgic thing, but also a very helpful tool for starting your designing process. If you make it a regular practice, you may find sketching to be an essential part of a creative process that offers numerous advantages. Give it a try and see if this old-fashioned yet always vital tool can be your best assistant.

Written by Lisa Orto
Lisa is a design geek and young blogger, developing her personal style. Currently Lisa is responcible for all graphic materials on GoHunters. She discovered in herself passion to drawing and painting in early childhood and that led her to become graphic designer. Her professional interests are related to creating illustrations and developing brand image. She is happy to join such challenging project as GoHunters. Lisa loves to show her work and to share her knowledge with audience. Sign up if you want to get all Lisa’s articles’ updates!

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