10 Apps to make your studying fun

10 Apps to make your studying fun

Who said that studying has to be boring? You can easily learn new things and have fun with it. If in the past, mobile applications were used mainly for entertainment, now students can download numerous interesting apps that can help them in the studying process. Both Android and Apple offer many different apps to choose from. Let’s take a look at some of them.

1. History: Maps of World

This app has been on the market for a while and is still one of the best among the similar ones. You can look at the old maps of the world in good quality. Take a look at the beautiful views of the southern pole in ХVI century or at the comparison map of the highest buildings of the world in 1896. After the app became popular, the developers launched some subsidiary apps with maps of Africa, Oceania, Europe, Asia, the USA and the Middle East.

 History: Maps of World


 2.  UN CountryStats

This app was created by UNO and it allows watching different national statistics of 217 countries. There are different types of statistics including geographical, economic and social ones. You can look at the profiles of different countries and compare some of them. The data is constantly updated giving the users the freshest information.

 UN CountryStats

 3. Learn Mythology Basics

This mobile application consists of flash-slides containing questions about Roman mythology. First, you see a question, for example “Who are Titans?”. You are answering this question in your mind, then check the right answer and mark on the scale from one to five how close you were to the truth. After that the program will be asking you different new questions and sometimes return to the old ones so that you remember everything well.

 Learn Mythology Basics


4. WolframAlpha

Wolfram Alfa is an app that gives answers to any difficult mathematical and scientific problems online. All you need is to enter a math problem, chemical equation, etc. and Wolfram Alpha will compute the answers. The fields of knowledge in this app include math, statistics, chemistry, engineering, astronomy, earth science, life sciences, computational sciences, dates and times, geography, history, sports, education and many other things.



 5.      GeoBee Challenge

This is a fun quiz from National Geographic. It consists of 15 rounds. In the first round, you need to choose the right answers to geography questions (for example, “Which American state has the longest border with Mexico?”). In other rounds, you need to find a certain country or city on the world map. Sometimes you get a round with the pictures of the famous sights and choose geographical locations where they are situated. For example, you can get Taj Mahal or Stonehedge. It is not easy to pass all the rounds.

GeoBee Challenge



6.      History Today

If you don’t have much time for learning history, you can get History Today app. What differs this app from many other ones is that it doesn’t throw lots of information at you at once; it gives some facts about what happened this day some centuries ago. You can also see a full list of important events that happened this day in the past by choosing such an option. There are different sections in the app including Birthdays, days of death, events in sports, events in the music world, quotes and others.

History Today


 7. QuickReader

Quick Reader, as you can guess, teaches you to read faster. If you want to spend much less time on reading books, you should definitely try this app. It teaches your brain to pay attention not to separate letters but to words and phrases. While you read a text on the screen, the app highlights the words that you have to read at the moment, like in karaoke. It helps you to make fewer stops and read much faster. Don’t worry that you won’t keep up. Before you start, the program estimates your reading speed by a test.




 8.     Khan Academy

This app contains detailed 10-minutes lectures in math, biology, physics, chemistry, economics, computer programming, finance and many other subjects. Lectures are given by Salaman Khan, a talented man who graduated from MIT and Harvard. He started uploading small lectures on YouTube when he found out that his little sister from other city struggled with math at school. His videos become popular straight away and even Bill Gates says that Salaman is the favorite teacher of his kids. So, this app is a great way to get some more knowledge in a fun way.

Khan Academy


 9.   EasyBib

Students have to write many different papers, right? Course works, essays, dissertations, etc. And what is the most annoying in such a work? Some students say they don’t like the writing itself, some can’t stand the proofreading part, but almost all of them hate making a list of citations. You need to remember so many formatting details of MLA, APA or some other style. EasyBib is created to spare students of this problem. You just choose a style, enter a book’s title or scan it’s bar code and the app does the rest of the job.



10. Self Control for Study

This app can be extremely useful these days. Many young people are so addicted to social networks that they cannot stop sharing photos, liking posts and reading comments even when they have to concentrate and study. The app can block certain apps and sites for a particular period of time so that you are not distracted by anything and can focus on your classes.

Self Control for Study


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