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  • Terms and Conditions

    Using GoHunters.com implies your agreement with the Terms and Conditions described on this page. If you disagree with some or all of the listed-below items, do not order any services offered on GoHunters.com. Legal age is obligatory for using GoHunters.com.

    Submitting your order to GoHunters.com means that you have fully read, have fully understood and have agreed with all of the Terms and Conditions and legally have to abide by them.

      Interpretation of Terms on GoHunters.com:

    1. “Website” means GoHunters.com.
    2. “Consumer”, “Client”, “Customer”, “You” is any person who takes any action on this website including submitting orders, making payments, bidding, uploading any information or filling an order.
    3. “Company,” “Our,” or “We” means American company GoHunters.com.
    4. “Product” means a paper written by our freelance writers according to the client’s requirements.
    5. “Order” is what consumers submit through the electronic form on GoHunters.com.

    Services at GoHunters.com

    GoHunters.com is a freelance board that offers its clients to look for writers, submit orders, discuss their orders with writers directly and transfer payments for writers’ work. Clients run risks in ordering from certain writers. Therefore, we highly recommend that you check writers’ records before you start working with them. GoHunters.com bears the right to restrict or close the client’s access to their account when it seems reasonable, especially when there have been the cases of sharing private information, abusing other users, not following our Terms and Conditions and spamming. Once you submit an order or make a payment, it means that this purchase is made for personal usage only. All the works written by our writers are automatically owned by GoHunters.com. The created works cannot be refunded and have no guarantees and no warranties. You can get some more detailed description by going to our FAQ page. Before you submit any orders, go through this and FAQ page and read everything carefully.

    Copyright and Personal Use Information

    Every work written for our clients is new and original. The copyright for all the works created by our writers is retained by GoHunters.com and its partners.

    All the material provided for our customers is intended to serve them strictly for personal usage. The moment you place your order, you make an agreement not to publish, submit, proliferate, write papers based on your order, and use any works of GoHunters.com without a prior consent with our organization. By submitting an order, you also confirm that GoHunters.com bears no responsibility for unauthorized usage of any data.

    All the works delivered by GoHunters.com are not for any type of sale, disclosure or discussion by the clients or other people. This data has to be strictly confidential.

    Apart from that, we appreciate the intellectual work and stand against any plagiarism. Therefore, if you have any kind of suspicion of the usage of plagiarism in the delivered paper, address our support team so that we can investigate this matter.

    No Refunds

    The moment the client reads the complete paper, does not request alterations and makes the payment to the Consumer (author), any refunds are not possible. In this situation, the products have no warranties. There can be some situations when the customer can get refunds, but these are usually rare exceptions. You can learn more about the returning policy and different discount programs of GoHunters.com on our FAQ page.

    By submitting a payment, you confirm that you have thoroughly read the paper, have accepted it and do not need any revision. After the money is transferred, any alterations, revisions and corrections are not possible.

    When you upload 100 percent of the order, 50 percent of this sum is non-refundable. You can get back the other 50 percent, but GoHunters.com has no obligations to return it. It is up to the company’s representatives and their findings. Some of the services on GoHunters.com (VIP, Request this Writer and some others) are not refundable at all. It is recommended to accept each order by parts and release money to your author by parts too, to make sure you are delivered exactly what was ordered and expected by you.

    No Plagiarism

    GoHunters.com tries to fight plagiarism in all ways possible. We maintain the right to deactivate any account if the writer who owns it provided plagiarized work. We immediately cancel all the bounds with such writers. Therefore, all the writers who try to pass someone’s work as their own will be surely disqualified from our board with no possibility to work with GoHunters.com in the future.

    Consumers have no rights to sign the received papers with their names. All the given material is aimed for the researches or references. Any delivered papers are sent with the explanatory purposes. In case the consumer desires to use any of our material, there have to be clear references to GoHunters.com.

    GoHunters.com respects and obeys all the copyright rules and laws, and any form of plagiarism is not encouraged by the company and our partners. If these laws are broken, the guilty side is legally responsible for the usage of material originated from GoHunters.com. The penalties can include expulsion, partial or full loss of scholarship, academic probation and other penalties.

    Links Disclaimer

    GoHunters.com can have links on some other websites, although it does not imply that we guarantee these resources to comply with GoHunters.com’s Terms and Conditions. The company bears no responsibility for the resource and the content our users can be lead to from GoHunters.com. In case you desire to pursue with those links, you can do that at your own risk and you are agreeing with that once you submit your order.


      When submitting your order, you agree to accept all the previously listed points and the following statements:

    1. All the written material we provide our customers with is meant to be used exclusively in the purposes of learning, research or references. It can serve as an example of work but not as a work itself. You can see, for instance, how certain citation styles should be used.
    2. If the consumer uses any material provided by GoHunters.com, there need to be full and clear citation of the resource.
    3. Consumers need to agree that the services offered on GoHunters.com have to be paid for in response to the taken time and effort put into organization, gathering, editing, proofreading and delivering the final work. Moreover, payments for services are partially used for the website maintenance.
    4. Apart from some exceptions (education and personal purposes), the delivered works cannot be published, displayed, modified or distributed without the agreement of the company.
    5. All the written material delivered by GoHunters.com and its writers is fully owned by GoHunters.com and its official partners.
    6. When submitting your order, you are agreeing to destroy any papers provided by GoHunters.com after you use them for researches or citations.

    Warranty Disclaimer

    GoHunters.com does not provide warranties in connection to GoHunters.com and its content. We also give no assurance of error-free website running and we are not in any way to be found liable for any negative consequences of website errors.

    Consumers themselves are fully liable for ensuring the decency of any data, material, advice, ideas, etc. that are connected to GoHunters.com.

    Limitation of Liability

    By agreeing with GoHunters.com’s Terms and Conditions listed on this page, you confirm that the company, other clients, affiliates, our employees, partners, representatives and other people involved bear no liability for any possible losses or damage.

      The possible problems may include:

    1. Difficulties with email, hardware, software, Internet
    2. Problems with computer transmissions
    3. Any circumstances that occur beyond our control and cause the delay or corruption
    4. Any losses or injuries that occur in the result of using any one of our services.


    GoHunters.com has the full rights to alter the Terms and Conditions partially or fully without warning the consumers. We recommend our consumers to check this page now and then to see if there are any alterations.